11th House - Friendships, Humanism & Aspirations

The 11th house is the house of groups and our participations to groups. This includes work colleagues, friends, sports clubs, political groups and any kind of social organisation. This is not to be confused with our authority on groups or our relationship with authority groups which is ruled by the 10th house.

It is about teamwork and collective strength, strength in numbers. The eleventh house rules our hopes and dreams, what we want to achieve. It's about self-realization through the help of networks and others. Are you accepted by the group or are you rejected? Do you feel the love of the group or do you feel unlovable? Are you more of an individual character? It's about herd mentality too.

This house also rules humanitarian causes and social justice. It's about common dreams and wishes for society. It's about your altruism, charity and philanthropic efforts. It's about those rejected by the group or needing its support, foster children, adopted children and step children.

Regarding business, the 11th house is related to financial opportunities and success through large sets of potential customers and audiences.

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