Saturday, 16 February 2013

7th House - Partnerships, Marriage & Relationships

The seventh house is the house of partnerships, marriage and relationships:
  • It is not about us. It is about others and how we relate (or not) to them.
  • How we take part in life.
  • How we become a small contribution to a global project achieved by many.
  • Contracutal agreements with others (social and legal).
  • Unions to achieve something together.
  • Are you apt to work in teams and with others, or not? Do you prefer to go solo?
  • Co-operation & compromises with other's needs or goals.
  • Marriage & what you need most from your partner.
  • Seeing yourself in the other.
  • Insights on relationships.
  • How you pair up in love and business.
  • Competitors, adversaries, opponents.
  • Open enemies, detractors, but also your most loyal allies.
  • Business partners.
  • Power struggles, give and take, fairness.
  • Experts: attorneys, agents and those who represent/defend you.
  • Law suits, Law courts.
  • Quality of cooperations
  • The public in general.

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