Saturn In 2nd House - Financial Integrity & Protection

In The Birth Chart

Saturn in the 2nd house is about the structures fulfilling your needs, especially financial needs. It's La Fontaine's fable of La Cigale et la Fourmi. Are you saving for winter days (la fourmi, the ant) or are you spending carelessly (la Cigale, the grasshopper)? It is also about what you morally value.

People having Saturn in the 2nd house have or miss the skills of accountants, depending on the aspects with Saturn. They can be extremely cautious about their expenses and never grow any debt, which make them capable of being very generous. When lacking balance, some maybe thrift or even stingy, or have a tendency to hoarding. Others will be loose regarding their spending and income, or be generous beyond their means.

In Transit

When Saturn transits the 2nd house, it's time to take a look at the status of your finances, but also at what you ethically value in life. If you have not been taking care of your finances (i.e., lack of accounting), the consequences will have to be addressed.

Questions such as: Am I properly rewarded for my efforts? Does your job provide a sufficient salary? and Are you undervalued or unpaid? will arise. Do you have enough to preserve your autonomy? What do you need to change to solve income issues or to regulate them? Any issues with excessive or irresponsible generosity, or lack of, will come to the forefront too.

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