Monday, 28 January 2013

5th House - Pleasure, Creativity, Leisure Time & Children

The fifth house is the house of pleasure, creativity and leisure time.
  • Fun, games and hobbies.
  • Finding the pleasure in the acts in which we engage.
  • Emotional pleasures and romance, but not engaged relationships.
  • Dating, courtship style.
  • How you express yourself creatively and artistically.
  • Your appreciation of other's creativity.
  • Your personal touch and style in what you make or do.
  • Expressing yourself in an authentic way.
  • What is totally You!
  • What is unique about you.
  • The eternal child in you.
  • Inner child, feeling playful and free.
  • How you radiate outwards.
  • Enjoying life.
  • How we treat ourselves.
  • This house is also about procreation and children.
  • The loving and caring dad.
  • Children, making babies, baby projects.
  • Enjoying activities with kids.
  • Taking a risk for love.
  • Gambling, financial risk.
  • Speculation.
  • Amusement park, parades, holiday festivities.
  • Vacation, recreation.

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