Saturn In 1st House - Foundations Of Identity

In The Birth Chart

Saturn in the first house is about the foundation of our individuality. Our individuality is influenced by our self-image, which is heavily influenced by early childhood events. Developing our identity is a long and sometimes tumultuous process.

In the best case scenario, we received the love we needed (without being spoiled) and managed to become an individual having a sound system or beliefs and convictions while remaining open to other's individuality. If Saturn is positively aspected, the individual has a better chance to develop a good self-image than if it is badly aspected, even if the childhood environment is harsh or unsupportive.

On the downside, some individuals may develop endless conversations about what individuality is and be very stiff about it. Or, their attitude towards their children can be crushing, preventing them from developing their own individuality. This is a recipe to develop explosive temperaments.

Others may not care at all about the impression they make on others. It is not so much that they deliberately don't care about their image, it's more like they don't make the connection between their attitude and other's reaction. They were not given the feedback that would guide them towards their individuality. Or, they are permanently adjusting themselves to others without being able to stand still on their feet.

In Transit

During transits, Saturn forces us to take a look about the fantasies we have about individuality, no matter if they are positive and negative. It is a perfect time to get rid of these to enable new beginnings in our lives. Most often, it is a process requiring patience.

For many, this will be a two steps process. First, one needs to become aware of the consequences of their system of belief and of their self-image. Do you have a urge need prove something about your existence? Or is it stressful and you would rather withdraw from most situations? What is the impact on your vitality? Secondly, it is about retrieving control on these excesses in order to dismantle whatever is inadequate and to consolidate the weak parts of our foundations. Such transformations have a permanent impact.

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