10th House - Social Status, Public Image & Reputation

The 10th house rules our public self. It's about our public image and the first impression we make on those who don't know us. It rules the prestige and fame gained through our work, career and achievements. It is highly related to the Midheaven.

This is the house of honors and reputation, job titles and promotions. It also reveals our role in communities and how we relate to social groups. How do we establish our social foundations? Is it based on ego gratification?

This house also rules our relationship with authority, also known as the Father in psychology. How do we use our power on groups of people? How do we relate to those who have power on us (boss, government, police, Law, authorities)? This house also rules respect.

How do we feel regarding our own authority? Are we a leader? Are we keeping at it? Are we hungry for power? Are we socially ambitious? Do we want a monument to be built after us? Do we want to become an authority or not? Do we like rock solid positions of power? Are we heading for downfalls?

Many argue that this house rules vocations, but that is not the case. Vocations and career choices are ruled by your Midheaven. Only the outcome of these is ruled by the 10th house. What did you make of yourself and of the social and work opportunities offered to you by life itself?

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