9th House - Philosophies, Expansion & The Foreign

First, the 9th house is about our paradigms and our systems of beliefs, including religion and spirituality. Then, it is about how we think outside of the box and how we open up to other ideas and other cultures. Do we accept new experiences? How do we relate to what is foreign to us? What is our level of tolerance? Are we racist? Do we have psychological limitations?

The ninth house rules our thoughts and ideas, our mental explorations. It is about expanding the inner self and thinking big. It rules curiosity, journeying and the kind of education we get from international travels or living abroad. It is about expanding our horizon and learning to take the long view, developing multiple perspectives (or not). It rules international travel.

The work of the 9th house is about understanding and integrating what we see and feel. It's also our personal quest for the meaning of life. It is the house of philosophy and contemplative activities. It also rules moral and ethics.

At last, this house rules reading, publishing and the media.

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