Monday, 28 January 2013

6th House - Day To Day Activities, Health & Services

The sixth house is the house of day to day activites, personal health and services:
  • Daily dealings of life. Habits.
  • What we need to take care of to maintain a sustainable, bearable and enjoyable life.
  • To do lists, tasks.
  • Work and quality of work. Duty.
  • Rythms of work.
  • How you get work done, how you fill your time.
  • Employment, relationship with employers & employees (but not career).
  • Service, those we serve, those who serve us.
  • Dealing with others.
  • Those who depend on us.
  • This house is also about shortcomings.
  • Crises, illness and reversals of fortune.
  • How we we react in the face of a personal crisis.
  • Fear, ill health, fear of death.
  • Mental stress, mental stability, wounds.
  • Struggles, difficulties, opposition of various kinds, litigations.
  • General well-being.
  • Diet and exercising. Hygiene.
  • Detoxing, purification, spiritual practice and natural remedies.
  • Day to day harmony. Day to day experience.
  • Patient perseverance leading to inner sense of accomplishment.
  • Efficiency, purpose, discipline.
  • Refinement.
  • Volunteering and hobbies.
  • Small pets.

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