6th House - The Present, Health & Services

The 6th house rules our relationship to the present (as opposed to past memories and future plans) and to what is tangible (as opposed to imagination and thoughts). It is the here and now, the rythm of our life. Is too fast or not? Is it enjoyable or not? What is our level of personal self-satisfaction? What do we need to maintain a sustainable, bearable and enjoyable life? How do we organize our daily activities in order to achieve them as opposed to long term planning? Are we overwhelmed or not? It's about our habits and to do lists.

The sixth house also rules services, those we give to others and those given to us. How do you deal with others? How do you deal with those depending on you (which includes pets)? It is also about hiring others or being hired (employment). It is about our work ethics, the quality our work and working well with colleagues or not.

This house also rules our personal health and how we take care of ourselves or not, including hygiene. Are we being adult and responsible with it or are we sloppy? Do we eat healthy food or junk food? Are we exercising and detoxifying from time to time or not? The 6th house rules our personal breakdowns and the personal adversity we may face everyday. It is about finding comfortable environments for ourselves.

Overall, the 6th house is about how we navigate the present and persevere to achieve our goals. It is about efficiency, purpose and discipline. It is also about creating harmony and maintaining a general feeling of well-being.

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