Monday, 28 January 2013

1st House - The Self, Identity & Beginnings

The first house is the house of the self, identity, beginnings and new beginnings. It is also the house of the Ascendant, since the location of the Ascendant in a birth chart is defining what the first house is.
  • The first house rules our early childhood.
  • Our sense of self, including the experiences of life which have shaped our sense of self.
  • Were they good or not? What kind?
  • Our natural tendencies and demeanor.
  • Our sensibilities.
  • It rules who you are and what you will become (inside and outside).
  • Your unique and ultimate potential.
  • The necessary voyage to become a unique individual.
  • The set of qualities defining our personality.
  • The way we present ourselves.
  • How others perceive you and your energy, your disposition.
  • How you want to be perceived.
  • How you shine, your temperament, your mannerisms, your individuality...
  • ...misbehavior, strength of will, determination.
  • Our view of life.
  • What you give to the world.
  • The first house also rules trends and cycles.
  • Endings and new beginnings.
  • Subjectivity.
  • First Impressions.

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