12th House - Confinement, Intuitions & Deliverance

The 12th house rules what is hidden from us. That can be our unconscious mind, what we keep from ourselves, secrecy, hidden psychological motivations and other's hidden intentions. It also rules introspection, privacy and endings.

In transit, it's about becoming aware of the consequences of our actions so far, and taking responsibility for it. It's about accepting the good and bad. It can require you to make sense of what happened first. How have you dealt with our life so far? And why? This can be a liberating experience enabling us to move forward and to press the reset button.

The 12th house is also about confinement. It can be the result of our actions or of our refusal to address the man in the mirror (escapism). There can be fears, guilts or resentment at play. Think about addictions and drugs, illusions, martyrdom, self-deceptions and self-delusions. Our actions may have led us (or may lead us) to prisons, hospitals or monasteries. It is about being deprived of our freedom and finding solutions.

This isolation invites reflexion. We are on the edge of a cliff, thinking about the next step forward. It is about making sense of our lives and of our internal dynamics. It's about dealing with the unknown. It's about undoing the parts of our lives that do not work anymore and acknowledge those who work well. It is about solitude and introversion, understanding our strength and weaknesses.

The 12th house is also about intuition, hunches and perceptions. Our gut feelings. It is also about our imagination and anticipating what is yet to become visible and tangible. This includes prophecies. It is about making connections without the use of logic or rational thinking (spirits, angels). Transcending states.

It is about being lucid and taking rest on our journey through life. Pressing the pause button.

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