Saturn In 4th House - Breaking Or Complying With Tradition

In The Birth Chart

Saturn in the 4th house is about traditions and cultural inheritance as the foundation of your own culture, but also our relationship to real estate and what supports our emotional security in the tangible world.

You could work as an architect or a sociologist. You could also operate as a therapist helping people integrate their feelings and emotions. The quality of your house or living space matters for you. When Saturn is aspected smoothly, it suggests you will be a reliable parent and grand-parent, or that you will benefit from their support. The transmission of knowledge and wealth is likely to be fluid and transparent.

If Saturn is harshly aspected, this suggests you won't integrate the values of your culture. This is not necessarily a bad thing if there is a need to break with obsolete traditions. You may have to face conditional love from those who are supposed to give you unconditional love, or you may be the one using conditional love.

In Transit

Saturn transiting in the 4th house challenges our relationship to our older family members and the generation following us. Have we rejected them? Have they rejected us? Was it for the right or wrong reasons? Has it caused you emotional turmoil? Is time for a truce or to break away completely? Is it time to forgive? Can they welcome you and can you welcome them? Should you? Is there be an emotional continuity between generations or not? Does the family tree get stronger or not? Where do you need to obtain emotional closure?

It is also a period where you will start to think about your own legacy to this world before you reincarnate into another life. It's a time to write down wills and to make sure you will benefit from the support you will need for older days. Is it time to invest in a proper shelter? Should sell your current real estate and invest into a smaller home now that children are away?

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