Sunday, 3 February 2013


A conjunction happens when two astral items have an angle of 0° using an orb of 10°. Some astrologers prefer a tighter orb of at most 8°.
  • Conjunctions demultiply the energy of both items.
  • One item reinforces the other.
  • It is a 'together' thing.
  • The boundary between areas ruled by each item tends to disappear.
  • On the upside, conujunctions bring fuel to endeavors.
  • They help getting things started.
  • Acting before thinking.
  • On the downside, conjunctions can eliminate subjectivity, leading to possible blindness or lack of perspective.
  • "We should have planned this a little more before moving forward!"
  • In romantic relationships, for example, those having conjunctions between their astral items may strongly defend one point of view together, without being able to understand a 3rd party's point of view (like kids for example).
  • It can also happen with friends and other relatives, in any combination.
A conjunction is like a fire. It can be useful to cook, warm a house or build tools. When used excessively or left out of control, it can be devastating and destroy buildings and lives.

Conjunctions are considered as supportive aspects.

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